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As LICENSED EXCAVATING CONTRACTORS, we take great pride in finding solutions to your challenges and in leaving your property better than we found it!

We service the excavation needs of residential, commercial and municipal customers.

Call Mike today at 908-601-2971 for information, questions or to obtain an estimate for your next digging, sewer, septic, land grading or drainage project.

We dig foundations, remove debris, and grade  properties for correct for water runoff.  We prepare your property for the next phase of your project.

We remove trees, stumps and debris from property, grade and even plant grass seed or lay sod for a completely finished appearance.

We remove and install septic systems, working with your engineer and local construction official to insure the new system is installed correctly.

We dig trenches and install pipes to get your service up and running again.

Our certified crane operator performs lifts for builders, roofers, HVAC contractors, signs, scoreboards, marinas and dock builders. 

We will work with you and your insurance company if you have incurred damage from any disaster, storm, or other type of loss.

FULLY INSURED | License #13HV08013100


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